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Where the Lost Wander By Amy Harmon 4 out of 5 stars Naomi May, her parents, an…

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Where the Lost Wander
By Amy Harmon
4 out of 5 stars

Naomi May, her parents, and her brothers set out for California on the Overland Trail in 1853. John Lowry, half-Pawnee, also sets out on trail to help with the route and to sell some mules at one of the forts along the trail. Naomi is a recent widow after only being married for a few month and John is a man who has been struggling with his identity all of his life. So, when Naomi finds herself attracted to John, he tries to find reasons why they can’t be together. His race being a major one.

Along the way, they both find themselves falling in love and dreaming of their life together in California, but when tragedy strikes Naomi’s family, she is torn away from the man she loves. They both now have to fight to be with one another with obstacles being thrown at them from every direction.

Amy Harmon does an amazing job at making the reader feel like they are on the Overland Trail as well. Her writing is so descriptive and sucks you write in. She writes as if you are with Naomi and John on their journey. You can also truly feel how hard this journey was and wonder at how people ever made it to the west.

I really enjoyed this book and it reminded me of playing The Oregon Trail game in elementary school or reading Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie: The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell when I was younger. I liked reading historical fiction that isn’t just based around WWII for once as well. Learning about the different cultures of Native Americans and how the U.S. government handle their treatment is sprinkled throughout the book as well.

If you want to find yourself on an adventure in the 1850’s I highly recommend this book. If you are interested in people heading west to begin a new life, then this is also the book for you!