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The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett 4 What if you were black, but could pass for …

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The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett
4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ What if you were black, but could pass for a white person? This is the dilemma The Vanishing Half explores.

Stella and Desiree are twins from a small town in Louisiana. Stella and Desiree disappear one night when they are only sixteen years old and end up in New Orleans. The girls begin working and Stella takes a job where she pretends to be white. All of a sudden, Stella just disappears without a trace over night and Desiree eventually moves to DC to get away from the memories of her twin sister.

Desiree continues her life as a black woman in 1968 America. Desiree marries a black man and they have a daughter, Jude. The man ends up abusing Desiree, so she decides to leave him and come home to Mallard to her mother, with her daughter who has darker complexion than the people in Mallard and is scorned for it. Desiree settles down in Mallard even though Jude is picked on and made fun of for her dark complexion.

Meanwhile, Stella has been living life as a white woman. First in New Orleans, then Boston, and now LA. Stella marries a wealthy white man and together they have a daughter, Kennedy, who also passes as white. No one knows the truth about Stella, not even her daughter.

What will happen if people learn the truth about Stella?

Bennett shows her readers how people struggle with their secrets and their past. Beautifully written and so engaging. The book takes place over five decades. This adds to the story so we get to see Stella, Desiree, and their daughters at different times throughout the book. Bennett weaves the story in such a way you just don’t want to put the book down. The book also should make readers think about what it is like to be a black person in America, and how even the shade of your skin can make a difference in how people treat you.

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1 thought on “The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett 4 What if you were black, but could pass for …

  1. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it. It was completely original and new to me. I also love books with time jumps and told from multiple perspectives. My only complaints are that a couple of story lines seemed pointless. They didn’t really add anything to the overall story. I also did not like the abrupt ending with no resolution. I would have liked to know what happened to the characters later in life after getting so invested in this story. This is why I gave the book four stars instead of five.

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