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The Poet X By: Elizabeth Acevedo 4.5 out of 5 stars Xiomara is a sophomore in h…

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The Poet X
By: Elizabeth Acevedo
4.5 out of 5 stars

Xiomara is a sophomore in high school growing up in Harlem, New York. Xiomara feels like she cannot be herself with her strict Catholic mother always breathing down her neck, so she finds poetry as her way to escape. The book is Xiomara’s story in poetic form, as a Latina, a teenager, a daughter, and someone struggling to be herself. The Poet X was the first novel I have read in poetry format and I was worried I would not like the book and would not be able to connect with it. But, I was so wrong. I really enjoyed reading the poetry in the book, and I enjoyed that there were different types of poems throughout the book and not just free verse.

I also believe readers of any ethnicity, religion, and age can find a way to connect with Xiomara. While reading her story, there were many times I was able to remember going through similar things as a teenager and how Xiomara and I both had to handle these issues. Sometimes we handled them the same, sometimes we did not.

My advice I would give to someone before reading this is don’t be turned off or intimidated by the poetry. This is poetry you can understand and you don’t have to look for some deeper meaning like you were taught to do in school, unless you want to of course. Read this for enjoyment and enjoy it for what it is. A novel about a Latina girl growing up in Harlem with strict parents. You will get to see how she grows throughout her sophomore year and how she handles her religion, her parents, relationships, and friendships.