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Speak: The Graphic Novel By: Laurie Halse Anderson (Author) and Emily Carroll (…

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Speak: The Graphic Novel

By: Laurie Halse Anderson (Author) and Emily Carroll (Illustrations)

5 out of 5 stars

I read Speak many years ago. Probably. when I was in high school. The book has always stuck with me, especially when I go to a bookstore and see the book on the shelf. There are not many books I can vividly remember reading from my time in high school, but this is an exception.

So, when this book was recommended to me, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew the focus of the story was a girl struggling to deal with the aftermath of getting rape and not telling anyone and trying to cope while being a freshman in high school. I, however, have never read a graphic novel in my entire life. Never thought it would be something that would even interest me.

Wow, was I wrong. I finished this book in one day if that tells you in anything. In one sitting, actually. I just could not put it down and it brought back a lot of memories for me of my high school days. Even someone who has not been through something as traumatic as rape can connect with this book. A lot of teenagers have felt isolated at school or like no one cared about them. I am a high school teacher now, so I see it all the time. Students have no idea teachers really truly know how they feel and they just need to be brave enough to open up to us or any adult and they would see just how much they are cared about.

Anyways, back to this graphic novel. If you enjoyed the first novel and are hesitant because this is a graphic novel, then stop waiting because this is amazing. I would totally recommend it and I might try another graphic novel again because of this book. Get ready to experience this story in a whole new and different way.