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People that follow me and then a day or two late unfollow me are driving me craz…

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24 thoughts on “People that follow me and then a day or two late unfollow me are driving me craz…

  1. Yes I do it’s pretty irritating. I have come to the conclusion that I’m not going to let it bother me and just going to concentrate on the followers that actually stick around. Sorry that you you’re dealing with it too🥰

  2. It happens to me but not too often. I also block them or if I feel spicey I message them 😈

  3. In my experience the people who do it repeatedly are the type that just go fishing for new accounts to take the bait and follow them. They typically have a lot of followers and don’t follow many back, so that’s another red flag. Is sometimes follow them back just to prove this theory 😂

  4. Yes!!! I have had this issue with many different accounts in many different “communities” on Instagram. They’re everywhere and its pathetic. They dont have the patience or character to grow a true following.

  5. Doing it repeatedly is strange. I have noticed some unfollows but I don’t know who. It’s like why follow someone if you don’t actually want to follow/like their posts.

  6. OMG right? I had no idea how many people actually did that until I downloaded one of the tracking apps. It’s really sad that others aren’t genuinely supportive. I now check it regularly and have weekly unfollow the unfollower parties.

  7. I have 3 reasons that I unfollow:
    1. You don’t follow me back or unfollowed me.
    2. You haven’t posted in 2 or more months and you appear inactive.
    3. Content: You have weird stuff on your page or you express crazy ideas or post inappropriate pics of yourself.

  8. Yessssss🙌👏 what app do you use to track it? The follow to unfollow has gotten ridiculous and I host a lot of giveaways, I’d like to be able to know who to ban from them!

  9. How do you track this? Do you go through each person you’re following? I’ve had a couple people unfollow but have no idea who they are 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Yup! 100% it has gotten worse! And I always get so nervous deleting people. I can’t figure out if it some weird algorithm but when I started deleting people that unfollowed me my followers dropped as well! I could figure out HOW!? Then I’m wondering stupidly if this has something to do with people buying followers! I don’t get it! Now I just don’t even bother but it’s still very upsetting to see my numbers drop. 😢

  11. Yes, if they don’t follow me or dump me, I have no problem unfollowing. I do try not to let them get me down though. My daughter keeps reminding me that I’m in control of my account. Blocking is not a bad thing. There are too many nice people to get down about users. Thanks for following me btw💕

  12. Just a warning for anyone that wants to use the apps, IG can send you to jail or disable your account if they catch you so be careful, never unfollow from the app, always do it from IG. I’m too afraid to use them.

  13. There is about three people who do this especially during follow trains then unfollow me the next day and refollow a week later 😡

  14. To me it’s kinda obvious as I have double amount on people who I’m following compared to my followers. I’ll unfollow them too later. I would like to block them but how can I catch those? 🧐

  15. This doesn’t happen too often. And I don’t really care if someone follows and than unfollows. I use an app that tracks unfollowers. So I just unfollow right back. The thing that makes me crazy is when someone joins a follow train. You tag them that you followed them. And they don’t follow back. This happens a lot. I’ve started making a list of who I follow. They are always the people with 1000s of followers who only follow 100s back.

  16. Yessss! I feel so much in sympatico with you all that I’m literally gonna go follow every one of you right now. 🤓 Feel free to follow back if you like what I’m putting down. 😂

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