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On the Come Up By: Angie Thomas 4.5 out of 5 Thomas does a great job at immersi…

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On the Come Up
By: Angie Thomas
4.5 out of 5

Thomas does a great job at immersing her readers into the lives of her characters. Set in the same area as The Hate U GIve we get to learn about Bri’s live as an up and coming rapper. Her father was murdered when she was a child, her mother was a former drug addict, and her aunt is a member of the Garden Disciples gang. We also get to follow her brother, her two best friends, and the guy who was her father’s manager when he was an up and coming rapper before his murder.

We get to see Bri wrestle with her identity as Bri and Bri the rapper. We see others try to influence who she is and her struggle with what to do with it. It also gives us a glimpse into the life of someone wanting to become a rapper and others trying to make them into something they are not with promises of getting them out of a bad neighborhood or bad situation.
Thomas knows how to write a book that keeps her readers interested and keep them reading. I am looking forward to release of her sequel (more of a prequel) to The Hate U Give that will follow Starr’s dad, Maverick when he was younger.
I highly recommend this book, but would recommend that you read The Hate U Give first or some of the references in the book might be lost on you. However, you would still be able to enjoy the book even with out reading it.