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Monday’s Not Coming By: Tiffany D. Jackson 5 out of 5 Claudia and Monday are be…

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Monday’s Not Coming
By: Tiffany D. Jackson
5 out of 5

Claudia and Monday are best friends, they are inseparable. The summer between seventh and eight grade Claudia goes to Georgia to spend the summer with her grandmother. Claudia and Monday agree to send each other letters while Claudia is away, but Claudia does not receive one letter while she is away. When she gets back to DC she tries calling Monday, but the number is out of service. Monday’s mom refuses to talk to Claudia and Monday’s sister April claims she’s with an aunt in Maryland, then with her dad. The school says she did not register for the school year and they have no knowledge as to where she’s at. Claudia does not know what to do without her other half, her best friend, her only friend.

Claudia struggles with trying to move on with her life without Monday. While also trying to get anyone to help her find Monday. She feels guilty for making new friends and doing things without her. She also is confronted with the idea that she may have held Monday back and not let Monday be herself either. Will Claudia ever find out what happened to Monday? Or will she always wonder what happened to her?

Wow! This book was so good! I had no idea what to really expect from this book, and it totally blew me away. I don’t want to say too much for fear of giving away the ending. If anything this book shows why people of all ethnicities should be given equal attention if they go missing. The person should not have to be a white person for the media, police, teachers, and/or social workers to take notice and take action.