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Heaven showed up in small, stolen moments. And he had learned to recognize them …

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Heaven showed up in small, stolen moments. And he had learned to recognize them for what they were. To pause, To hold them close and breathe them in.- Mia Sheridan 😍

This is Liza and Reed’s story. Weeks before the murder, Reed, and Liza shared a one-night stand that was filled with chemistry and instant attraction. However, despite Reed’s desire for it to become more, it was only a night. They meet again when Liza discovers a murdered body at the mental hospital she works in and coincidently, Reed is the head detective of the case. There are some suspenseful scenes, big baggage they both have to work through together.

Reed’s own past has shaped him into the man he is. He is the epitome of a good guy. Sweet, kind, loving, and thoughtful, he is everything his biological father wasn’t.😍

While the case unfolds, so does a swoony-worthy romance. Their connection is present from the beginning but they take things slow as they learn to trust, grow, hope, and heal both individually and together. I love it when they accept each other for all they are and all they have gone through and offer unconditional support and love.🥰

This book is dark, twisted, suspenseful, mysterious, complex, and unpredictable. You don’t know who the killer is and you start to question everyone and every move. Multiple Bodies start piling up and you have no idea who is in danger as they try to determine how everything fits together.

Mia skillfully creates horror and thrill, which gets the reader intrigued and hooked. It mainly shows that how humans can be so vile and cruel.

All in All, A really great psychological thriller.🤯