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Dreamland Burning By Jennifer Latham 4 out of 5 stars Rowan Chase is a seventee…

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Dreamland Burning
By Jennifer Latham
4 out of 5 stars

Rowan Chase is a seventeen year old girl living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When a skeleton is discovered in Rowan’s guest house, she sets off on an investigation to find out who the man was and what happened to him. Along the way she discovers who she is as a person and what kind of person she wants to be in life.

William Tillman is also seventeen and in Tulsa, but his story is set in 1921. William’s story takes place in the weeks leading up the race riot of 1921 that burned down black owned homes and business. It also took the lives of around 300 black people. William also finds out who he is and what kind of people he is surrounded by during this time.

Will Rowan find out the story of the mystery skeleton and will William end up doing what is right in the end?

This book is so relevant right now. So many people want to turn a blind eye to the injustices people are still facing today in 2020, but as Rowan’s story shows, hate is still alive and racism has not left America. Latham does a great job at showing what life was like in 1921 for people of different races. William is half-Native American and there are numerous black characters and white characters that you get to know. Some you will like and some you will hate.

I really enjoyed this book and I really like dual timelines in books. I also liked being able to read from Rowan’s and William’s point of view. I also believe that maybe reading this story will help some people understand that racism is still happening in America. Maybe we would all be better people if we read more books from different perspectives than our own, so maybe we could connect with those people in a way we might not otherwise.