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Autoboyography by Christina Lauren 3.5 Tanner is a bisexual living in Provo, Ut…

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Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

Tanner is a bisexual living in Provo, Utah. In a town where almost everyone is LDS, it is easier to be in the closet then out. Tanner isn’t LDS, but the majority of his classmates are members. In the last semester of his high school career he takes a class where you write a novel in a semester. It is here where he meets Sebastian. Sebastian is LDS and very involved in the church and very much in the closet. What will happen when Sebastian and Tanner start to fall for one another?

The religion aspect of the book was interesting and educational. It does make you wonder what it would be like to come out as LGBTQ in an extremely strict religious home. It also makes you wonder how many people are living a lie by pretending to be someone they are not so they can stay a member of their church.

However, I sometimes felt the storyline was predictable and boring. I knew how it was going to end and knew pretty much how the book was going to go just from reading the description of the book. I also did not like that the book switched format 350 pages into it. For 350 pages it’s from Tanners’ POV in first person narrative, then with 50 pages left it alternates from Tanner to Sebastian but changed to third person narrative. I prefer books to have more than one POV but did not like how it went from first person to third person narrative. I think if Sebastian’s POV had been there the whole book it would have been a lot better. I still liked it though, it just wasn’t really anything special.


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