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All Adults Here by Emma Straub 2 Astrid Strick has three grown adult children. E…

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All Adults Here by Emma Straub
2⭐️⭐️ Astrid Strick has three grown adult children. Elliot, married with twins, seems to hate his life and feels as if he is a failure. Porter, pregnant from a sperm donor, struggles with adolescent fantasies and being a better mom than her mother was to her. Nicky, married with a 13 year old daughter, Cecilia, has still not grown up and believes being friends with your child is better than setting rules. After Astrid witnesses an accident she comes to terms with the fact she wasn’t the best mother and hopes it’s not too late to fix her relationships with her children.

This book was pretty boring for me. It was an easy read, but it felt as if the book had no purpose or plot. This is the first book I’ve read by Emma Straub so I’m not sure if this is her style or if this book was an exception. Had I realized there was not going to be a plot sooner I would have dropped it, but I didn’t realize it wasn’t going anywhere until I was already halfway finished.

I also felt the storyline for August was added to the book just to try to be more inclusive, but it also did not add to the story. I enjoyed the storyline probably the most, but August isn’t even part of the Strick family so it seemed weird to have chapters from that POV. Overall, I would say pass on this book, unless you’ve already bought it and don’t like to see books go unread. . . . . .